AT&T U-verse

I overheard my wife battling over the phone with some foreigner about her problems with e-mail. We made a big mistake three years ago when we bundled everything with AT&T U-verse — phone, internet, television, cable and I don’t know what else. AT&T has us by the gonads.
Our problems started almost immediately. Their equipment was cheap and defective. It took two different repairmen to figure that out.
When we signed up, I told them to cancel one of our two house phones. We no longer needed two phone numbers. Our kids were grown up and gone. I had retired from Fox 8. We all had cell phones. We had too many phones and not enough to talk about. I told them to disconnect one of our numbers and I unplugged that phone from the wall. The next month, the disconnected number appeared on my bill. I assumed they would figure it out. When that number was still there on the next bill, I called them and that began a battle of principle. They screwed up my instructions and did not disconnect the line. “Your mistake,” I insisted. They proposed a compromise. They would forgive one month’s charges. I stood my ground and refused to pay them a dime. I was angry and stubborn. It amounted to about 80 bucks. After about two years the phone calls from the collection agency stopped.
Periodically, our internet goes haywire. We call and AT&T says it’s not their problem and tell us to call Yahoo or whatever outfit they’re blaming and we wind up talking with people who have a red dots on their foreheads. AT&T does not care.
This may sound harsh, but I believe that the CEO of AT&T should go to jail. Look at what’s happening to Jimmy Haslam. His customers didn’t even know they were being swindled. They didn’t feel it. Now I’m told by legal experts that Jimmy might go to jail.
Every time AT&T cheats me, I feel it. The pain and angst is always just a click away. We should not get angry at the poor sap in a foreign country with a red dot who fails to understand our problems, no matter how loud we talk. As football coach Paul Brown once said to the bus driver who lost his way driving the Browns to the airport, “I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at the person who hired you.”
That’s the way I feel about U-verse. I think the CEO of AT&T should spend 30 days in an urban jail sharing a commode with a street thug.
That’s all for today.

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