I’m back, spread the word

Yes, my hiatus is over. My computer was hacked back in August. Actually, it was vandalized. The hackers erased my entire address book and screwed up many of its innate functions.

Well, I’m back in business. I’ve had so many ideas in the last few weeks, most of them forgotten by now, but I’ll never forget the torment inflicted on us over the last couple months by the presidential campaign and that pipsqueak senator candidate.

It has come to this. I hate Obama and Romney by now. I despise their faces. I wish there were a credible third party candidate. The robo calls grew so incessant that Maddy and I refused to answer our house phone unless we heard a friend leaving a message. The telephone campaign by both parties was intrusive and inconsiderate. Every time Obama, Biden, Romney and Ryan visited Ohio, they selfishly disrupted traffic. Roads were closed. According to the Akron Beacon-Journal, Obama’s campaign still hasn’t paid its bill to the city of Cuyahoga Falls for city police security for an earlier visit. What arrogance!

The owners of Ohio television stations are not complaining, though. Millions upon millions of dollars were spent on endless TV spots. I understand that Fox 8 was the number one recipient of this political largesse.

Finally, it ends today and we have to live with one of these characters for the next four years.

England has a better system. Prime Minister David Cameron appeared on the Letterman show about a month ago and said that political advertising is not permitted on English television and the typical campaign lasts only six months. Cameron said that when he was elected prime minister, his campaign budget was $150,000.

That’s all for now. Spread the word. The old curmudgeon is back in action.

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2 Responses to I’m back, spread the word

  1. Joe says:

    Welcome back Dan! By the way, no candidate ever pays back any city for the overtime caused by a visit. It is said that you can “Bill” them but it never gets paid. Worst part is, it takes many people from surrounding agencies to supply the manpower needed, and their overtime bill goes unpaid also!

    Joe, Sent from my iPhone

  2. mary coughlin says:

    Welcome back ya old codger! Trillions of dollars in debt —- We owe money to the money we owe! What in the world would we pay them with?!!? (I owe. I owe. I oh hi oh ohio ohio ohio ohio!!!!!)

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