Fox 8’s Friday Night Touchdown

We shot a promo at Fox 8 earlier this week for the upcoming Friday Night Touchdown, the half-hour high school football highlights show that follows the ten o’clock news. It was a blockbuster show. It won an Emmy and also was honored by the Greater Cleveland High School Football Coaches Association.

The 30-second promo was more elaborate than some of our games. The entire cheerleading teams from Shaw and Mayfield High School were involved. They thrust a saxophone in my hands and said, “Play it!” I glanced at the cheerleaders and said, “Look out. This is how Bill Clinton started.” Blank expressions. I don’t know if they didn’t know who Bill Clinton was or if they didn’t know he played the saxophone. I didn’t realize how heavy saxophones are. I don’t actually play the instrument, but was exhausted just marching around with it. I understand that some of this video already has turned up on Facebook and You Tube and the Fox 8 website.

It was a physical shoot in many ways. Besides the marching around with the sax, there was the hopping up on the set, gymnastic tumbling and chartwheels and the traditional cheerleader pyramid.

That’s mainly what I want to tell you about — the pyramid. The three guys on the show — John Telich, Dan Jovic and yours truly — formed part of the five-person base of the pyramid along with two cheerleaders. I don’t know if it was a 5-4-3-2-1 pyramid or just a 5-3-1. I couldn’t look up. Allie LaForce, who returns as show host, was supposed to be on top of the pyramid. I don’t know if that happened. All I know is that the crushing weight of all this female pulchitrude almost broke my back. When the pile broke down (or collapsed) I had a sore right knee and sore right hip. When we hit the air on Friday, Aug. 24, check me out. See if I’m still limping. In baseball, we called that “taking one for the team.”

I’m posting several thoughts here today so please keep on reading.

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