Help Me Explain Adam Dunn

That won’t be easy. How can anyone explain a guy landing on the American League all-star team with a .208 batting average? He was the only position player who did not get in the baseball All-Star Game Tuesday night, but he was in uniform and in the dugout.

Position player. That’s a stretch. He’s a designated hitter, which is an even bigger stretch because he seldom hits the ball. Look at the numbers.

In the first half of this season, Dunn went to the plate 293 official times. Add to that his league-leading 68 walks and he has 361 total plate appearances.

Now take away those 68 walks and his astounding 134 strikeouts and we find that Dunn has actually hit the ball only 159 times, managing only 61 base hits. But here’s what sets him apart. He has slugged 25 home runs, second in the league, and his 61 RBI are among the league leaders.

What I can’t take my eyes off are his 134 strikeouts. He’s on pace to not only break the single season strikeout record, but to shatter it. Nobody breaks wind like Dunn.

That’s all for now.

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