Bivins’ Funeral Cancelled, Not His Call

Who knows when the late Jimmy Bivins will be buried? We know that it won’t be Wednesday, as originally scheduled. Lucas Memorial Chapel in Garfield Heights confirmed Tuesday that Bivins’ daughter, Josetta Banks, cancelled the wake and the funeral. Maybe her plan is to freeze him cryogenically or merely keep him on ice until a later date. Perhaps her plan is to keep old dad around until she can raid his bank account before Jimmy’s sister and a nephew can get it. Gary Horvath, who once watched over Jimmy, estimated that at one time Jimmy had about $200,000 in his savings account.

In his prize fighting days, Bivins fought five light heavyweight world champions and beat most of them. He also fought heavyweights, all of whom outweighed him. Nobody, however, ever beat him up like his own daughter, who has a shameful history of mistreating her father.

Several years ago the authorities intervened when it was discovered that Josetta and her husband, who were cashing Jimmy’s pension checks, kept Jimmy locked in their attic, sleeping on a urine-soaked bed, ill-nourished and lacking medical treatment. His hand was badly cut and infected from trying to open a can of beans. They moved Jimmy in with a sister, where he has lived for the last several years. He died last week at age 92.

Suddenly, Josetta returned to reclaim jurisdiction over her father’s affairs because she is his closest relative. I’m told she fired the lawyer who had been handling his affairs and brought in her lawyer.

In a bizarre chain of events, she cancelled the wake Monday and Tuesday, except for 15 minutes on Monday. The next day, Tuesday, an employee of the funeral home allowed visitors to sign the guest book in the parking lot. No one was allowed inside the funeral home.

Then she cancelled the funeral service which was scheduled for 11 a.m. Wednesday at Liberty Hill Baptist Church, 8206 Euclid Ave.

Who knows where this story goes next? I’ll take a guess. The bank.

It’s obvious by now why I love boxing.

That’s all for now. Defend yourself at all times.

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