Remarkable Golfer

This is one of the damndest stories I’ve ever heard. Chuck Rule, 73, scored a hole-in-one at Sweetbriar two weeks ago during the St. Edward High School class reunion golf tournament. Chuck was St. Ed’s ’57. Tom Holland (’57) told me the story. Chuck MacMillan (also ’57) confirmed it because he was playing in the foursome behind Rule.

Relax. I know that a hole-in-one is not “stop the presses” news, even for a guy in his seventies.

But Chuck Rule happens to be suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease. It is an unusual form of the disease. For the time being it affects Chuck only above the chest. Furthermore, it is manifested only in his inability to speak. He can do everything else. Obviously, he can play golf. He drove himself from his home in Chagrin Falls to the Sweetbriar golf course. But he can’t brag about his hole-in-one.

That’s why I’m here. Pass along the news to his old classmates from St. Ed’s and Notre Dame (’61).

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