The Edgewater Park Tunnel

I’m a bit skeptical about spending $6 million dollars to finish the pedestrian tunnels from Battery Park to Edgewater Park on Cleveland’s west wide. The tunnels go beneath a set of railroad tracks and the Shoreway.

This job was scheduled originally to cost $2 million. Recent complications have tripled the cost. What a boondoggle this has become.

That is the superficial scratch-the-surface story.

Here’s the real story in two parts. Those tunnels are dangerous. They are happy hunting grounds for muggers, rapists and child molesters. That is not a good area. Don’t send your children romping through those tunnels to Edgewater Park by themselves.

The second part of the story is the weather. The Cleveland Lakefront is practical for recreation only for four months a year, from mid-May to mid-September. Maybe you can stretch that to five months, still less than half the year.

In Miami or San Diego, they wouldn’t think twice about spending that kind of money to make their waterfront accessible. They use it 12 months a year.

This leads to my gripe about the location of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame and the Science Museum right there on the Lakefront. All I’m going to say is take a stroll down East Ninth Street with the kids in January. Don’t you wish you could have parked your car right in front of the place? Oh, that’s right. Hardly any parking.

All this has been eating away at me. Thanks for listening.

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