Dealers Have No Pockets

That’s the story at Cleveland’s downtown casino which opens Monday night. One way they keep the dealers honest is making them wear uniforms with no pockets. Their uniforms never leave the building, by the way, so nobody can sew secret pockets into them. Dealers are issued their uniforms when they report to work. When their shift is over, they change out of their uniforms and leave them there.

Furthermore, dealers must leave the casino immediately after their shift ends. They are not permitted to hang around the casino when they are not working. They are not permitted to become customers, which lessens the opportunity for a couple of dealers — one on duty, the other off duty — to run a little tag team match on their own.

Casino owners thought of everything. If dealers wear watches, the watches must be smaller than chips, so no one can hide a chip under his watch.

The temptation is always there because dealers are paid only $4 per hour. That’s right. They’re paid only FOUR BUCKS AN HOUR. They rely on tips. So don’t forget, when you make a score, leave something behind for your dealer.

I’m not a fan of casinos. The last time I was in one was in June, 1982, when I covered the Holmes-Cooney fight in Las Vegas. Watching those poor souls gamble away their savings all night long was a pathetic sight. I thought it was a peek into hell.

However, I will check out the downtown gambling palace. I’ve heard it will knock our eyes out.

That’s all for now.

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