Tribe Attendance

That’s the hot topic a round here. The Indians have the lowest attendance in the Major Leagues. The media is getting very excited about this and everyone seems to have a reason. The weather has been lousy. The kids are still in school. The Indians are in first place, but there’s no star power. How many of these guys can walk into Marc’s and draw a crowd? After Travis Hafner, most of them are not recognizable without the numbers on their uniforms.

Financially, this market is sucked dry. People have no money. Tickets are expensive. Concessions are outrageous. Parking is twenty bucks. The cost of gas is out of sight. All the games are on television. Well, all the games have been on television for about 15 years.

Most of all, the fans have no hope. They believe the Indians’ fast start is a mirage, like last year. Even Tribe ownership has contributed to the malaise with its honesty. Nobody has lied about the prospects of a small market franchise competing against the big cities. Matt Lode, who covers all the Indians home games, went on Andy Baskin’s 11:35 p.m. Sports Extra on Channel 5 Sunday night and insisted that the first place Indians are the real thing because of their starting pitching. He might be right, but I wonder how many people believe that.

People offer all of these reasons and they’re all valid.

Generally, the entire town is in a funk. It pervades everything. The Cavs stink and are going to stink for years. The Browns have been one of the worst franchises in NFL history since 1999. That’s 13 miserable years. They’ll start another season with a rookie quarterback. No Browns fan can hold his or her head high.

Tell me, what works here? The mayor is trying to fix a broken school system. A career politician is in charge of the schools. Half as many children attend Cleveland public schools as ten years ago. Have you noticed? People have left. While the mayor fiddles with the schools, the dysfunctional fire department is an embarrassment, the water department always has been dysfunctional and the police department cannot always tell the difference between a dead dear and a dead woman.

They’re fixing the most important bridge in Cleveland, the I-90 Innerbelt bridge, and there’s only enough money to do it half-assed.

Meanwhile, our county’s most important politicians are in jail or headed there.

Do you realize the Indians actually might be the easiest problem to fix? The Dolan Family might really be headed in the right direction.

That’s all for now.

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