Gotta Love Weeden

I fell in love with Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden late last season when I saw him on television against Baylor. That game was an all-you-can-eat buffet. I got greedy. I also loved Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, soon to become RGIII.

“If the Browns don’t draft Griffin, I want Weeden,” I told anybody who asked.

This was the year of the quarterback. The top three picks in the draft were quarterbacks, with Andrew Luck of Stanford going number one to Indianapolis and Griffin going number two to Washington. Good luck to Indianapolis. They got a good Luck. But I liked the other two quarterbacks more.

And so, everything worked out. The Browns got snookered out of Griffin, but that’s OK. Frankly, I think Weeden is just as good a passer. None of the other quarterbacks can scramble like RGIII. He’s got more than the edge there. As a running quarterback RGIII is in the lead by a country mile. But that’s not the preferred style in a division that schedules you twice a year against the Pittsburgh and Baltimore defenses.

For 13 years the Browns have looked like clowns in their pursuit of a quarterback. The Browns have been in the Barnum and Bailey Division. The City of Cleveland built a stadium on the lakefront for this franchise but it should have put up a tent.

They finally have a guy who, I think, is worthy of the center ring.

As for the rest of the draft, I have no complaints. Seriously, none of us knows how the other draft choices will develop. We can’t pass judgment. In the highlight clips we saw, running back Trent Richardson’s spin move was a mite quicker than anybody else’s spin move. Jim Brown says Richardson is ordinary. I think Jim is grading on a reverse curve. He’s using himself as the standard. On the other hand, he might be right.

In the third round the Browns got a right tackle from Cal, which usually turns out brainy players. He could be a smart choice. He’s expected to be the starter.

After that, the picking and choosing are rolls of the dice.

Then, there are the injury issues, the central reason for keeping Colt McCoy as the backup quarterback. Let us not torment ourselves with concerns over his “feelings.” He caused us nothing but anguish last year. Chances are Weeden will be injured this season. Almost every Browns quarterback gets hurt. The offensive line doesn’t have holes. It has screaming chasms inside the tackles. When the time comes, McCoy at least knows the Browns’ offense which is his only value. He is virtually worthless to every other team, so a trade is is not an option.

Bottom line on this draft: Expect to be disappointed. Do not raise your standards. You are, first and foremost, a Browns fan.

That’s all for now.

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