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I thought you were dead

Reading a delightful mea culpa in Sports Illustrated by Jane Leavy, the author of the best-seller about Yankee great Mickey Mantle, brought back similar memories. In her research Jane found a quote about the Mick by the old Red Sox … Continue reading

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Best hockey game in 32 years

The district hockey final between St. Edward and St. Ignatius Saturday night was the most intense game I have personally witnessed since the U.S. Olympic team beat the Soviet Union in Lake Placid in 1980. Back in 1980 the Soviets … Continue reading

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Introducing, Moses and Elijah

Today’s gospel about the Transfiguration is one of my favorites. Jesus takes Peter and a couple of the other apostles to a mountain for a big unveiling. Suddenly his garments become brilliantly white and two of the most famous figures … Continue reading

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