Uninspired Commercials

They don’t make Super Bowl commercials the way they did just a few years ago. There weren’t many laughs in Sunday’s television commercials, despite brief appearances by Jerry Seinfeld (Acura), Regis Philbin (Coke), Matthew Broderick (Honda) and Elton John (Pepsi). Plus there were chimpanzees (Careerbuilders.com), trained dogs (Bud Light), a little bulldog outrunning greyhounds (Skechers), polar bears (Coke), scantilly clad girls (GoDaddy.com; Kia; Fiat), and a various assortment of vampires, naked M&Ms, cartoon characters, and historic situations.

Obviously, millions of dollars were spent producing the spots and buying the airtime. They probably will help sell the products, which is their purpose.

But for holding our interest during timeouts — not a chance. I actually sat there and made a list of them so I could rate the good ones. I should have used the time for potty breaks.

One more thing about the Super Bowl. My pet peeve is Roman numerals. I’ll stubbornly insist on referring to them by the year. To put a time frame on a Super Bowl, you must translate from Roman numerals and add from the year 1967, when the first Super Bowl was played (January, 1967).

* * *

Saw a couple of movies Saturday night at the Capitol Theater on W. 65th St. and Detroit Ave. The movie house was delightful. Senior tickets on Saturday night were only six bucks. The main theatre was large, like old time theaters. The movies were mildly disappointing. “The Artist” and “The Descendants”, are both nominated for Oscars, which makes me think it’s not a strong movie year. “The Artist” is the black and white silent film, a risk, a nice effort, a nod to the old silent film makers. Speaking of nods, I saw people nodding off. My sister fell sound asleep and actually started snoring. “The Descendants” was an interesting yarn but nothing special.

Oh, well. It was only six bucks. I’m gonna go back to the Capitol, however. In fact, I’m gonna make it my home movie house. I love the big theater. There are also two tiny theaters upstairs, in the old balcony. They’re really small. Make sure your movie is showing on the main floor.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned.

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