Here come the slots

Heard a great lecture the other night by Plain Dealer science writer John Mangels, who talked about the effect of slot machines on the brain. These casino operators are very clever, he pointed out. They ingeniusly trigger chemical releases in your brain that within a year can turn you into an addict if you are predisposed. One year with slot machines and you can become a mindless zombie tethered to your slot machine!! Studies claim that it takes three years of other forms of gambling, such as card games, table games, sports betting, to turn the vulnerable into hopeless addicts.
Not everyone is predisposed, but why take the chance to find out?
But you’ll get the chance when the downtown Cleveland casino opens in a few weeks.
I haven’t been to Las Vegas in many years, not since I was there to cover a heavyweight fight. I felt that walking through the casinos was like a peak into hell. No windows. No clocks. People gambled 24 hours a day.
When you bet football or play the horses, you have to actually use your brain to make your bet. Same with playing blackjack and poker. Your experience will give you an edge.
But against the slots you are completely helpless. Jimmy Dimora would have the same chance of winning as Albert Einstein.
Met an interesting chap at the lecture, a 75-year-old reformed gambler. He moved here from New Jersey several years ago to take the cure at the Gambling Clinic at the VA Hospital and it worked. He got cured and he stayed. Sad thing, he pointed out, the VA Hospital gambling program has only 18 beds. The program lasts 28 days. Obviously, they can’t handle many people at a time.
So, go on down to the old Higbee Department Store and get comfy in front of a slot machine and let them play with your mind.
Google John Mangels at The Plain Dealer. He’s a smart guy, a cool guy. He can’t dress worth a damn but he’s got a good brain.
That’s all for now. Signing off.

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