Came to their senses

Good to see that head coach Pat Shurmur and the Browns organization have come to their senses and will put an offensive coordinator on the payroll.

    Overlooked in all the chaos surrounding the Browns offense was defensive coordinator Dick Jauron’s outstanding job on his side of the ball. The Browns defense was fifth-best in the entire league, having allowed 307 points, an average of 19.2 per game.

    Offensively, only two teams in the entire league were worse than the Browns, who scored 218 points for an average of 13.6 per game. Kansas City managed only  212 points and St. Louis 193.

    Let’s not belabor the obvious. The Browns do not have a NFL caliber quarterback on their roster. Given a choice in the draft, my pick would be Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III from Baylor over Andrew Luck from Stanford.  Luck is a perfectionist at the short passing game, but Griffin can do it all. Griffin can throw deep with uncanny accuracy and is quick and nimble on his feet, a very dangerous runner.

      Nothing will be cured with one draft, however. The receivers, the offensive line, the running back position all need total overhauls. By the time all those positions are brought up to NFL standards, the quarterback will be old. That’s why I say I’ll either be dead or in the nursing home when the Browns play in the Super Bowl.

    That’s all for now. Stay tuned.

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