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Here come the slots

Heard a great lecture the other night by Plain Dealer science writer John Mangels, who talked about the effect of slot machines on the brain. These casino operators are very clever, he pointed out. They ingeniusly trigger chemical releases in … Continue reading

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How about a Customer Review?

If you read and liked my newest book Pass the Nuts, I hope you’ll visit and post a fair “Customer Review” for the book on the site. I LOVE getting feedback from readers. Here’s how to do it: 1- … Continue reading

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Turmoil in Canton

Who the heck is in charge of the football program at Canton McKinley? You’ll find the answer is surprising. The three women recently elected to the Canton Board of Education are in control. Earlier this week they voted to fire head football … Continue reading

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Came to their senses

Good to see that head coach Pat Shurmur and the Browns organization have come to their senses and will put an offensive coordinator on the payroll.     Overlooked in all the chaos surrounding the Browns offense was defensive coordinator Dick Jauron’s … Continue reading

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Cats and Rats: Hold Your Breath

My new book “Pass the Nuts” is now available. Here’s a sample from the book—taken from Chapter 30. I never had a problem with cats until a Siamese thought I was a hot lunch in 1970. I was visiting friends … Continue reading

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