Lord, have mercy

I’m having a difficult time pronouncing the first name of Cavs rookie guard Kyrie Irving. He pronounces it “ky-REE’,” emphasis on the second syllable.

     Anybody who ever went to Catholic Mass pronounces it, “KEER’-ee-ay” a three-syllable Greek word which was part of the old Latin Mass. It’s part of a prayer in the opening minutes of the Mass which goes like this, “Kyrie eleison,” meaning “Lord, have mercy.” It’s the only Greek language intonation in an otherwise Latin Mass. Don’t ask me how this happened. Ask a priest.

    We see what Kyrie’s parents intended when they named him. His first name means, “Lord.” They certainly had lofty goals for him.

    Kyrie, it turns out, is a guard who can’t shoot.

    Lord, have mercy.

    I’ll be back later. Remind me about my observation on global warming. This past year Texas had a record-setting drought and Ohio had record-setting rain. It must be global warming. You don’t have to remind me. That’s my observation.

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