West Shoreway: Dumb Idea

Gonna touch on several subjects today.

    First, converting the West Shoreway into a 35 mile an hour boulevard is a stupid idea. The intention is to make Edgewater Park more accessible to the residents of the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood.

    That would be wonderful if this were Miami or San Diego. But here in Cleveland, the lovely beach and picnic areas of Edgewater Park are useful for only four months a year. Let’s talk more about this when a blizzard is raging off the lake in January and February. Maybe everyone will be more realistic at that time.

    On the same subject, I’ve never been a fan of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Science Museum  because of the lack of parking. Walking to either of them in the winter is crazy if not outright treacherous. But it’s too late to complain. As usual, our civic leaders were asleep at the switch when they were built. They should have been located uptown. It is crazy to put those kinds of attractions on the lakefront without convenient parking areas.

    Back to Edgewater Park. If the west side politicians are so hell bent on getting people across the street to the beach or the picnic tables, build a couple pedestrian bridges over the Shoreway.

    In the meantime, the West Shoreway is a critical east-west commuter  expressway. It has been that way for over 60 years. The other option is I-90.

    Look at the wasteful nature of  Martin Luther King Boulevard. That was Cleveland’s only free flowing north-south drive until the local dream weavers converted it into one of their “boulevards.”  It is lined with several ethnic parks and gardens with no place to park. Luckily, with a 35 mile per hour speed limit, everyone drives slow enough to look at them as they pass.

    *    *    * 

    We are saddened at the passing of veteran softball manager Bill Wilson. He’s at Ripepi’s at Pearl and Snow today and tomorrow, the 20th and 21st. 

     *     *     *

    It’s pretty clear that Colt McCoy is not an NFL quarterback. No arm strength. That charade is over.

    *     *     *

     I wonder if Honda is selling any cars since they started running those insipid commercials featuring the low-key spokesman who once appeared in bit roles on the Seinfeld Show.

    That’s all for now.

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