Injury List from Herb’s Tavern

The official book launch signing at Herb’s Tavern was highly successful except for the injuries. In addition to family members and old friends, several Fox 8 notables were in attendance, including Stacey Bell and Stacey Frey.

    Now, so as not to embarrass any one individual, I’ll embarrass everybody and say that one attendee, among the last to leave, suffered a black eye and three broken ribs in a fall when he got home. The pronoun tips you off  that it was a guy but beyond that,  as Jack Reynolds always said, “No names, please.”

    Moving on to a couple other items, that was a brilliant performance by St. Ignatius quarterback Eric Williams in a 20-17 comeback win over St. Edward last Saturday. Williams was sacked nine times officially and knocked down another nine times, but he kept getting up off the carpet and in the fourth quarter passed Ignatius to a touchdown and a field goal on the last play of the game.  Without a doubt, he was the MVP of the game. 

    By the way, here’s a warning to everyone attending the Ignatius-Mentor game this Saturday at Lakewood Stadium. You’ll probaby need to park several blocks away. DO NOT PARK ILLEGALLY.  Do not block driveways, fireplugs or crosswalks. The Lakewood police will slap a ticket on your windshield before the end of the first quarter.  Pass this along to Mentor fans. Most Ignatius fans already know the drill. 

    Now, to the Browns. Here’s proof that head coach Pat Shurmur needs an offensive coordinator.  When he called for a handoff to the fullback on the Browns’ final possession when they were setting up the short field goal, Shurmur did not know that a tight end was in the game at the fullback position. With players continuously shuttling on and off the field, the head coach can’t keep track of everybody. No one person can.  The tight end, who had never taken a handoff, fumbled it. The Browns recovered and retained possession, but that does not mitigate the blunder. The play selection was fine, but not with the personnel on the field.  There was just one accident after another that led to the missed field goal and the game lost.

    (That’s all for now. I’ll post the high school betting lines Thursday.)

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