Make Rhodes Play Glenville

    If you want to punish the Rhodes football team for its game-ending brawl last week, forfeiting this Friday’s game against Glenville is not the way to do it. That’s a reward? They were going to lose 45-0 anyway. By forfeiting, they get the same result without getting beat up.  None of the other Senate schools wants to play Glenville.  It’s no fun. Afterward, you hurt for a week.

    Leonard Jackson, head of athletics for Cleveland public schools, says this will teach the miscreants a lesson. Yeah. If you start a brawl, something good might happen. That’s the lesson.

    No, Rhodes should be forced to play Glenville. That’s a punishment. And make the most serious offenders play every down on both sides of the ball. Too bad they can’t play Glenville twice.

    This makes me think of another common “punishment” for misbehavior in school. The kid gets suspended! Who thought that up? That’s what the little jerks want.  A suspension is a paid vacation. 

    How about this? Make them stay after school, maybe until eight o’clock at night. Put them in a study room and make them stay awake and do written homework. Post an armed guard outside the door.  A month of staying in school until eight o’clock at night might improve their attitude.

    Let’s make a punishment a punishment, not a night off.

    By the way, John Telich at Fox 8 was correct in moving Mentor into first place ahead of St. Ed’s in the Fox 8 Top 8. Mentor’s offense is unstoppable. Nobody can cover their five wideouts. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for the St. Ed’s offense to show up.

    We’ll be at Fairview High School for the St.  Ed’s-Cin. Elder game Saturday night, 7 p.m. They’re playing at Fairview because Elder insisted on playing at night, not in the afternoon. St. Ed’s usual home field, Lakewood High, is not available this Saturday night. 

    Finally, I’ll be signing books at the Browns’ Backers pre-game tailgate party Sunday morning at Panini’s, Clague and Detroit Road, Westlake. First ten persons to buy my book will get a free copy of the book, “Browns Tailgate.”

    That’s all for now. I’ll have the title of my new book announced this weekend.

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