Flash Mob Meets Little Italy

Nice to be back. Thanks for tuning in. Sorry I’ve been negligent for the last two months. Here’s why. I’ve been killing myself on my next book. For me, it’s tough to write a blog and also write a book at the same time, especially on this piece of dung used computer I’m using after burning up the old one.

    Wanted to comment on the flash mobs and the Feast in Little Italy. Went up to the Hill Saturday afternoon and after a few beers and some Italian meat balls started to wonder how one of those teenage flash mobs would fare in Little Italy during the Feast. I’m thinking that after collecting and identifying the bodies, the coroner’s report would list cause of death: “Flash Mob – Suicide.”

    Then while driving back through downtown, with the Browns playing the Packers, I checked out West Sixth Street, where valet parking was $30. THIRTY BUCKS. Between the cost of parking and flash mobs, they’re killing West Sixth Street.  But I came up with a solution to the flash mob problem there. Invite the entire Dawg Pound to West Sixth Street after a night game. Please alert the coroner so he can schedule a second shift.

    I would really like to catch a flash mob between the Dog Pound and Little Italy.  That would solve so many problems.

    Signing off.

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