Jeff D’Arcy’s Cartoon

I liked it.

Jeff D’Arcy’s cartoon on the editorial page of today’s Plain Dealer was thought provoking — which they’re supposed to be, by the way.

He drew pictures of Ohio State coach Jim Tressel and Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly side by side. Above the Tressel picture it said, “On his watch, players sold trinkets for tatoos.” Above the Kelly picture it said, “On his watch, a student team videographer was killed.”

In bigger letters below the artwork it said, “Guess whose job’s in jeopardy.”

Kelly can’t be held accountable for the death of the kid who videotaping football practice from a towering cherry picker, which was blown over in a high wind. Who among us would ever think that a steel cherry picker would be blown over in a high wind?

D’Arcy’s point is, players selling memorabilia for tatoos is trivial compared to a kid’s death. But the NCAA, the Big Ten and every tavern moralist are having a heart attacks because Tressel tried to cover it up.

It wasn’t long before the death story at Notre Dame went away, however. Almost every Division I college football coach sends up student trainers  on steel scaffolding or cherry pickers to videotape practice. They’ll all be more careful in the future. Everyone learned a big lesson. But it’s no longer in the news.

The Ohio State trinket story will be with us for a very long time.

That’s all for now. Have a happy Memorial Day. I’ll be in front of the television set for the Indianapolis 500 Sunday. I’m a “500” junkie, having covered 17 of them.

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