Hit the Books, Terrelle

Jim Tressel leaned over during the National Football Foundation Banquet last Monday, April 25, and shared a text message just received from his quarterback, Terrelle Pryor.

“He wants to make academic all-American,” the Ohio State coach said, reading from the tiny screen of his cell phone.

“What does he think you can do about that?” I asked Tressel.

“He wants me to push him,” said the coach.

Yeah, I’d like to push him off a cliff. Pryor is mostly responsible for the problems confronting Tressell, potentially life-altering problems, and the quarterback, as usual, is thinking only of himself. At that moment the pressure was intensifying, the screws were tightening on Tressel and the quarterback was oblivious to the trouble he had caused. Will somebody, please, wake up that kid?

Making academic all-American  should be a lock for Pryor. He currently has a 3.1 GPA, the coach said. The cutoff for academic all-American is 3.3. He’ll have plenty of time to study next fall. The Ohio State library is especially quiet on Saturday afternoons.

In the meantime, incoming freshman Braxton Miller is right there in the hunt to win the starting quarterback job for the first five games that Pryor will be under suspension. I would expect Miller to go 5-0 and I’d like to see him hold onto the starting job for all 12 games. Let Pryor concentrate on his studies.

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